CCTV is an effective way to secure your property 24/7.

But a high-quality security camera system is only truly effective when you can access and view your footage anytime, and from any place.

Business CCTV

When you book our CCTV installation service, we set up your chosen camera system to enable you to view your camera footage on-demand. This means you can view your home or business when you’re away for extended periods of time, enabling you to receive alerts and to notify authorities if anything untoward were to happen.

Our cameras are installed with an intuitive app that allows you to view your premises or home remotely at no additional cost. For a business, this helps improve security, prevent theft and monitor staff performance. For a homeowner, it provides the ultimate in peace of mind; particularly if you have to leave children, vulnerable family members or pets at home alone for any length of time.

Once installed, you can access your app and view live footage via your PC, smartphone or tablets. Providing you have internet access, it is very user-friendly and reliable and we are always available to help with troubleshooting or any technical questions you may have.

High Quality CCTV installations throughout South Wales

Wherever you’re located in South Wales, we’re able to quote and install a camera package at very short notice.

Customer care is at the forefront of our business and we aim to provide the right installation, at the right price, in as short a timeframe as possible.

We understand the need to secure your property and so we’ll always try to work to your schedule and requirements. We’re now in an age when CCTV is becoming an essential tool in providing security and protection.

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